Breaking The Most Destructive Habit Of My Life

Saturday, July 25th

Today is the day that is going to significantly change my life forever and move me from a path of slow and inconsistent growth to a path where I can rapidly accomplish my dreams and take advantage of exponential growth over time. Why you may ask? I will get to that in a minute but let me first explain the concepts behind this bold statement.

There is a concept from the book, “The One Thing” that basically states you can boil down your goals into one main thing in which you can focus on each day, week, or month to move yourself most quickly towards your goals. That “One Thing” normally has side effects which ripple into other aspects of your life and things you need to accomplish to achieve your goals. So, in short, by focusing on just that one most important thing you end up accomplishing all of the many things you need to do to reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

The other concept I am combining with the one above is simple. There is plenty of research showing it takes around 66 days to build a new habit. However, to break a habit, current research shows a much longer time of anywhere from 18 to 254 days as cited in this 2009 paper. Knowing me and the Habit I want to break which has been reinforced over a lifetime, it is going to be closer to the 254 day point.

So, what will I be doing today to significantly change the path of my life? I am going to start breaking the most destructive habit I have in my life. Consuming addictive digital content. My main focus for my life is going to be eliminating TV, video games, and the addictive sides of Social Media (scrolling). The initial goal is to go for 60 days with zero tolerance for consuming any of the things stated above. Then, once it becomes easier to live life without these things, move into the 254-day plan to minimize/eliminate them from my life.

Two weeks ago, I gave up television because I was watching anywhere from 20-40 hours of TV per week or more. When I was watching TV, the time flew by and it did not seem like it made too big of an impact on my life. Then I thought, what could I do with an extra 40 hours a week? That is literally a work week. So, I gave it up, but then I just resorted to a video game on my computer. I hadn’t played video games in years, but I needed that mind-numbing satisfaction given to my brain. When I realized I still logged 40 hours in two weeks on the game I knew I had to make a much bigger change.

So, here I am. Committing the next 254 days (until Monday, April 5th, 2021) to eliminating digital content consuming from my life. What am I going to do with that extra 20-40 hours a week? I have a pretty good feeling it is going to be put towards going to the gym, eating healthier, and working on my dreams.

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